Blogging: Write It And They Will Come

So, you want to start writing a blog. You have published a few posts and no one is reading them. What are you to do? You can quit, but that probably isn’t what you want to do. What you really want to do is get more readers to see what you have to say. Right? If so, there are a few things that you can do. Continue reading to find out what you can do to get readers to read what you have to say.

1. Optimize your content for the search engines (SEO)

One way to get search engine to rank your blog high (so readers can find it in a search) is to optimize your content. When you do this it is called seo or seach engine optimization. SEO consists of using keywords that you know people will search for. There is a bit more to it, but keywords is a big part. For instance, if you write a blog about couponing, adding the keywords “coupon use”, “store coupons”, “printable coupons” and other words you know that people are out there searching for will be quite helpful. If your blog has a good ranking with the search engines, more people will be able to find your site and read what you are saying.

2. Find out where your target audience is

You need to do what you can to find out what kind of places your target audience is visiting. What other blogs do they visit? What sites do they like? Find out where they are and you can start to advertise in these areas. If they are shopping for cameras and you write a photography blog, they are likely to click on an ad they see on the camera shopping site. Doing a little research into your audience and then using that information to advertise to them can get you a lot of readers.

3. Trade links with similar successful blogs

Believe it or not, other blogs are looking for readers, too. By working with other blogs, who share the same target audience, you can both get more readers to your site. You can go a step further and start to guest post on blogs and invite other blogger to guest post on your blog. When you guest post, you share a post with another blog and that helps readers find your blog. This helps out both you and the other blogger.

4. Use social media sites

Millions of people are on the major social networking sites and a lot of them are blog readers. Create a page for your blog and work to get readers this way. Encourage your friends and family to like your social network page and then ask them to share the information with their friends and family. As people start to see your page, it will help them find your blog.

Writing a great blog is not the only way to get readers to come to your blog. You must do a few more things. Try out the tips shared in this article and you can be on your way to having a very successful blog.